Visit of South Korean Rectoral Delegation

On 13th November we had the pleasure of hosting a three-person delegation from Dongseo University (DSU), one of our partner institutions in South Korea. Szent István University signed a general cooperation agreement with DSU, a private university, founded in 1992 in Busan, South Korea.
As part of our active cooperation, currently three of their students have begun their semester abroad in September at our Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. They had a pleasant surprise to have met their home university’s president in Gödöllő.
Prof.  Jekuk Chang, President of DSU, Prof. Chan Chung, Dean of International Cooperation and Prof. Kyongho Hahn, Head of Industry-Academy Cooperation Development first took part in a brief tour of our campus, accompanied by the staff of our International Office and the students from Dongseo University, while also learning about Szent István University’s history.
Afterwards, in a meeting with our Rector Prof. János Tőzsér, the delegation discussed the results of our cooperation and the possibilities of its future development, such as implementing a joint degree programme and an internship scheme in Hungary.
Our Korean guests invited one of our teaching staff and our students to participate in their 3-week long Summer University next year. The fact that Dongseo University has campuses in China and in the United States also present opportunities to further exploit the possibilities of cooperation.
The delegation from Dongseo University stressed that they would be delighted to welcome our rector for a visit in South Korea and that their students are having a very positive experience in Gödöllő and that they would love to send another three exchange students in the coming semester.