Visit of the Nigerian Educational Delegation

February 9, 2017 Gödöllő – a delegation of  five people from the Nigerian Educational Ministry paid a visit to our University. The delegation was led by I. S. Agunwah (director of the Ministry and former president of the Nigerian Scholarship-committee), with guests  escorted by Ebere Nnenne Ibekaku, chief counsellor of the Nigerian Embassy. The reason for their visit was to have direct feedback from the University and their Stipendium Hungaricum students about the exchange students’ educational development, integration, and contingent problems.

The delegation was welcomed by Vice Dean for International Cases Dr. Attila Zsarnovszky, Leader of International Relations Dr. Zsuzsanna Tarr, and  Institutional Coordinator for Stipendium Hungaricum Csilla Kánai. The event was also open to all the 28 Nigerian students  who currently study at Szent István University.

President Agunwah assessed the meeting positively; the Nigerian students’ educational performance is above average. Vice Dean Dr. Attila Zsarnovszky highlighted the fact that the Stipendium Hungaricum students must be aware that they are representing their countries while studying abroad; and after graduating they become ambassadors of  Hungarian education. The Nigerian students brought up only one thing that needs to be developed:  integration between local Hungarian and international students.

On behalf of Tempus Public Foundation, Zsuzsanna Tarr informed the delegation about Dr. Erzsébet Malota’s (associate professor at Corvinus University) research in the field of the international students’ satisfaction survey. On the country-wide list of Hungarian Universities hosting exchange students, SZIU places very well in each category - second place in “Institutional services”, third place in “Help in orientation”, and  first place in “Quality of institution and education”. 18 Universities were examined in the survey.