Taste the world – International Dinner 2018 March

On March 8, all the occasional chefs were standing proudly, representing their countries and serving the curious participants. The best ones were also awarded…

Gödöllő, Szent István University – In Gorka Hall students from 18 different countries arrived with arms full of tasty dishes to amaze the attendance. The Hall’s air was filled by various smells, the tables were covered with national flags with a bunch of proudly smiling students standing behind them. The view could not get any less inviting and a mass of a 100 hungry students just couldn’t get to wait till the highly regarded jury made its first lap around the tables – tasting each and every one of the dishes, salads and desserts.

The decision was in their hands: Dr. Zsuzsanna Tarr, Edit Szabadszállási, Gergő János Stefán, Nana Shimizu, Omar Alzaien and Ágnes Lendvai must have had a hard time conceiving who performed the better. While the jury was discussing, all the food was eaten up. Meanwhile, the students could also vote for their favourites: the attendance decided about the Special Prize’s eventual winner.

After all the trays and bowls became empty, and all the chefs were in a fever, Seyyed Amir Vafaei called the Awards of the evening:

  • Best Main Dish: South Korea
  • Best Salad: Syria
  • Best Dessert: Kosovo
  • Special Prize by Participants: Pakistan
  • Special Social Prize: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Syria, which team was awarded by Best Salad this time was also victorious last semester when they collected prize for Best Main Dish.

In the name of ESN SZIE, I would like to congratulate all of the participants and thank them for all the time and energy they invested in their dishes. You go little chefs!

And don’t miss Fall semester’s International Dinner for another amazing evening celebrating food and each other!

Orsolya Csondor

Photos of mind-blowing dishes and their creators