Szent István University visits Sapienza University

On 2nd October 2015, the representatives of Szent István University and Semmelweis University visited Sapienza University in Rome, which is one of the oldest universities in the world with 11 faculties, more than 3 500 teaching staff and a student body of 130 000. The number of its international students is 7 000 and more than 3000 students take part in international mobility programmes.
The Hungarian delegation - Dr. István Szabó, Director for International Relations and Dr. Zsuzsanna Tarr, Head of International Relations Office from Szent István University and Dr. Ágoston Szél, Rector and Dr. Marcel Pop, Director of the International Relations, from Semmelweis University – was received by Dr. Eugenio Gaudio, Rector. Then the welcoming committee - Mr. Antonello Biagini, Deputy Rector for General Affairs, Mr. Bruno Botta, Deputy Rector for International Relations, Mr. Luciano Saso, Deputy Rector for European University Networks and Mr. Andrea Carteny, Delegate for Student Mobility – continued  discussions with the Hungarian party.  As they highlighted, Sapienza University puts a high priority on internationalization, the development of international relations, building partnerships and deepening existing relations with Hungarian higher education institutions. Staff and student mobility was also mentioned as a possible way of cooperation, similarly to joint research projects, supporting visiting lecturers and other joint programmes. Both parties would give preference to agreements that are based on mutual interests. Partnerships in doctoral programmes are considered to be the most feasible way of cooperation by the Italian party.
Ms. Maria Maddalena Altamura (Department of Environmental Biology), Ms. Silvia Fedeli (Department of Law and Economics of Productive Activities), and Mr. Enrico Sciubba  (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) also attended the meeting representing the common fields of studies with SZIU, namely economics, natural sciences and engineering.
Finally, some aspects of the Italian and Hungarian higher education systems were discussed and compared by the participants – for instance, structural and operational differences, management structures and responsibilities.
It was the first time that SZIU had had the opportunity to pay an official visit to the biggest university in Europe. The main objective of the visit was to examine the conditions of an Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement and those of a Memorandum of Understanding between Sapienza University and Szent István University. After agreeing on the fields of cooperation, the institutions expressed their intention to sign the agreements.