Successfully completed English language training

Last Friday (29th August 2014) was a big day for the 23 Brasilian students who study at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Szent István University, within the framework of the Science without Borders programme.
16 students completed a 6-month English language course after receiving 480 hours of English language instruction, and 7 students, who arrived in June, finished a 3-month English language course (240 hours of English language instruction) with excellent results. The average score of the oral exam was 82%, and that of the written test was 86%. In the written test they had to do two reading comphension tasks and write a descriptive and an argumentative essay on topics related to their future professions. In the oral test they did two listening comprehension tasks and gave two presentations: one on a profesional subject, and another one on a subject of their own individual interests. A long period of mutual learning ended for both the students and the teachers: the Brasilian students learned English from the language teachers, but at the same time, the language teachers of English learned enthusiasm and dedication to studies, open-heartedness and receptiveness to new cultures, ideas and knowledge from the Brasilian students. Thank you for that!