Student of Sapienza University of Rome prepares MSc thesis at Szent István University


Dr. Zoltán Varga, professor emeritus of the Department of Mathematics (Institute of Environmental Systems, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Szent István University) more than 15 years has been collaborating with mathematicians of the Faculty of Economics of Sapienza University, recently having passed 3 months as visiting research professor there. In the framework of this collaboration, a student of that faculty, Riccardo Caramini gained a two-month scholarship of his faculty to prepare his MSc thesis abroad, so he could spend July and August this year at the Szent István University. The topic of his thesis was Demographic Model for the Sustainability Analysis of Pay-as-You-Go Pension Systems. Under the supervision of prof. Varga, with twice-a-week consultations, Riccardo, having a sound preparation even in Mathematics, worked hard, in a very autonomous and creative way. He returned with a well-edited 130 page thesis, with valuable conclusions drawn from the comparison of the Hungarian and Italian demographic situations concerning the sustainability risk due to aging societies. In October, at his university, in front of a 10-member commission he successfully defended his thesis, graduating with maximum score.