IF YOU ARE SUBJECT TO VISA to travel to Hungary, your embassy automatically applies also for residence permit. In this case you will receive your residence permit in the university with the condition that at least 60 students (and max. 120) register for a meeting!  Both Buda Campus and Gödöllő Campus students can visit any of the two venues.
Immigration Office days are on
6 September (Thursday) from 10.00am to 1pm– Gödöllő Lecture Hall 1 - REGISTRATION until 4 September (Tuesday) 12.00
13 September (Thursday) – Buda Campus - REGISTRATION until 11 September (Tuesday) 12.00
20 September (Thursday) - Gödöllő, Room 2010 - REGISTRATION until 18 September (Tuesday) 12.00
27 September (Thursday) - Buda Campus - REGISTRATION until 25 September (Tuesday) 12.00

Please open the table at, choose a date when you would like to go (as early as possible after your arrival) and give your name (as in passport!); date of birth and nationality.

What to bring:
- Student Status Certificate (issued by your registrar's officer/Erasmus coordinator at SZIU)
- Copy of passport
- Accomodation sheet (issued by the dormitory coordinator or by the owner of the flat you rent)
- DATA SHEET Please fill in both pages, sign and give it to your international coordinator at Buda Campus and Zsuzsanna Tassy (Room 1010) in Gödöllő
- 1 passport-size photo

IF YOU ARE NOT SUBJECT TO VISA to travel to Hungary, you have to go to the Immigration Office to apply for residence permit within 30 days of your arrival, however, it is recommended to start the procedure as soon as possible. You can accelerate this process by applying for the residence permit at the Hungarian Embassy of your home country before arrival. The detailed process of application for residence permit for study purposes can be found at

Required documents:

  • Application form downloadable from the website of the Immigration Office
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Accomodation sheet – from the owner of your flat or the international coordinator of the dormitory (Ms. Katalin Papp or  Ms. Beáta Kárpáti if you live in the dormitory on Gödöllő Campus, Ms. Ildikó Fedor – if you live in Somogyi Imre Dormitory, Budapest, Szüret u. 2–18.)
  • copy of passport and visa
  • Letter of Admission (sent by SZIU via e-mail or post)
  • Student status certificate (in Hungarian) – from SZIU (Registrar’s Office)

if you are a scholarship holder:

  • Letter of Award if you are a scholarhip holder (e.g. SH: from TEMPUS, FAO: from Ministry of Agriculture )

if you are a self-financing student:

  • bank statement proving that you have enough money to live in Hungary
  • health insurance

For Gödöllő Campus students


Branch Office III. (Budapest) IMMIGRATION OFFICE


Regional Directorate of Budapest and Pest County


1135 Budapest, District 13, 35-37 Szegedi út (Twin Office Building,Ground floor)

Phone number: 

+36 1 323 3189


Office hours for residence permit for the purpose of studies:


08.30 - 13.00


13.00 - 18.00


08.30 - 12.00 (they are open only for students)


08.30 - 13.00


08.30 - 12.00


How to get there: Buses start from Keleti Railway Station. Take any of the buses of No.20, No.30, No.30A and No.32. Get off at "Szegedi út" bus stop.

For EXTENTION of residence permit, you have to submit the same documents except passport size photo (not required for extention); instead of visa, please bring your residence permit and credit transcript with you. Please note that relevant regulations have changed according to which new residence permits will be sent by post to your address, which might take for appr. 5-6 weeks!