Delegation from Northeast University, Shenyang, China

A delegation from Northeast University, Shenyang, China, led by President Ding Lieyun, visited Szent István University’s main campus in Gödöllő on June 29th to meet with SZIE leadership and sign a new agreement for academic cooperation.
The delegation was greeted by Prof. Erika Michéli, vice rector for international relations, and Prof. Ferenc Makovényi, dean of the Ybl Miklos Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
Beginning in 2013, three faculty members of the Ybl Miklos Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering will each spend one month in Shenyang, teaching Chinese students in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and construction management.
Three Chinese faculty members from Northeast University will also spend one month in Budapest teaching Hungarian students.
The benefits of this exchange will allow Hungarian and Chinese students and researchers to better understand the intricacies and challenges of infrastructure development in other regions of the world.
Szent István University’s collaboration in Asia has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, with several new partners in China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. This trend is expected to continue into the future and support Szent István University’s mission in becoming a global hub for academic exchange and excellence.