All the administrative tasks regarding your studies are to be completed in NEPTUN. You use it to register for the semester /  for subjects/ for exams / receiving emails from professors / etc.

Registration is for Spring Semester from 28 January to 10 February 2019!
Please register as soon as possible.

On the webpage, change the language to English.
Your Login name is your Neptun code.
At the very first entry your default password is "Ne" and the "date of your birth in Hungarian order:yyyymmdd" E.g. if  you were born on 25 January 1995, then your default password is Ne19950125
Then as the next step it requires you to change your password.

How to register for the semester and subjects in Neptun? WATCH the video here.

Login to the Neptun System for students:

There are more servers to register in Neptun. If one is off, choose another one: