International Dinner 2019 Autumn

International Dinner 2018 Autumn

A colourful, tasteful and successful international dinner took place on 8 November with the participation of 17 cooking teams and nearly 200 guests. The event was organised by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN SZIE) with the assistance of Stipendium Hungaricum mentors and with the financial support of the International Relations Centre. The venue was provided by the Alma Mater Restaurant.

Although it was very difficult to decide, the jury consisting of Báthory Zsófia, communication manager of ESN Hungary, Prof Samir Zaien, professor at Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Szentgáli-Varga Szilárd, Master of Porcelain Painting and the Dr. Tarr Zsuzsanna, Szabadszállási Edit and Tassy Zsuzsanna, colleagues of International Relations Centre distributed awards in 7 categories. The „Best Main Dish” award went to the Pakistani team, the „Best Starter” award was won by Syria, the „Best Soup” by the Russian team, the „Best Beverages” by the Mongolian team and the „Best Dessert” by Bhutan. There was a separate table for Hungarian foods, among which the „Best Hungarian Dish” award was handed over to Ms Gilián Lilla for her cranberry strudel. The participants voted for their own favourite, which turned out to be the Mongolian „Buuz”.

The „Best Main Dish” and the „Best Dessert” category awards, two hand-painted plates were made and offered by Szentgáli-Varga Szilárd, but each team could receive special awards and consolation awards thank to the OTP Bank’s offers.