International Dinner 2018 is coming…

Tasty dishes, international community and an eventful evening – all on 8th March 2018.

This semester is full of unforgettable moments, big get-togethers and spontaneous parties, city tours and exciting games.

But there is one event to rule them all - the International Dinner.

Every SZIE International Dinner is a big hit; who doesn’t love eating anyway? That evening everybody stands tall, proudly representing their countries as chefs, while others arrive with empty stomachs to be filled and have a chat about their favourite dishes. Sharing food, sharing recipes and sharing glory. It’s not only about eating though, it’s also an unspoken competition.

A jury of four-five higher-up ladies and gents are going to choose the evening’s best dishes and their cooks. The menu isn’t narrowed to dishes, you can bring your favourite national drink or dessert as well.

If you would like to be featured as a competitor, please REGISTER here until 11:30 AM, March 8, 2018:

The event is also open for our students from Buda Campus, please contact Alexandra Szentkuti for details.

The participation fees for ESN card Holders:

With foods: Free.
Without foods: 200HUF

The participation fees without ESN card:

With Foods: 200 HUF
Without foods: 400 HUF

This year’s first International Dinner starts at 6:15 PM in B Dormitory’s Gorka Room. Participants bringing their foods are kindly asked to arrive earlier.

For further and up-to-date information, follow the EVENT on Facebook

Photos of International Dinner 2017 Autumn Semester and Photos of International Dinner 2017 Spring Semester