Erasmus IP 2012

The 2-week Erasmus IP course entitled "Education for sustainable development: Exploring hopeful pathways to preferable local and global futures" coordinated by Csilla Kiss at the Faculty of Economic, Agricultural and Health Studies took place between 16th and 30th June in Portugal, hosted by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational  Sciences of the University of Porto. Eight universities from all over Europe participated in the highly successful IP course, during which 40  studentsand 14 tutors examined various aspects of Education for  SustainableDevelopment. The course was multidisciplinary in its  character as students representing a wide variety of home courses took part, ranging from Education, Social Work, Psychology, Business Studies, Tourism,  Economicsand English Language Studies. The teaching sessions  focussed on student-led enquiries into possible local and global futures, based on the  ideas of Sustainable Development. The current IP course was the 11th one  organisedas part of the fifth highly successful Erasmus  Intensive programme project based in Békéscsaba.  In 2010 the previous Erasmus IP  project entitled "Educational contributions to building cohesion within European social and  institutionallife" was nominated for European Success Story for  projects focusing on the theme of Social Inclusion. The IP was noted for its truly  interdisciplinarycharacter in setting up courses which  accommodate students from different subject disciplines. It was found that the fact-finding studies  to assess the capacities of local social institutions and enterprises to build bridges across the community represented a unique methodological  approachpraised as exemplary. The current IP course that took  place this year in Porto with a different theme follows the same principles and  strives to represent a unique and memorable learning opportunity for the  participatingstudents.