Developing relations with Minnan Normal Univeristy (Zhangzhou, China)

The cities of Gödöllő and Zhangzhou (with a population of about 5 million) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2011 – preceded by the Chinese partner’s several visits and a few years of successful cooperation – and became sister cities on 19 August 2013 when dr. György Gémesi, Mayor of Gödöllő and Deputy Mayor Xie Yitai signed an agreement.
Minnan Normal University (MNU) – located in Zhangzhou – visited SZIU on 12 December 2014. President Xiao-feng Lin, Professor Jian-hong Wang, Vice-Director of the School of History and Social Development and Professor Yu-tian Pan, Vice-Director of the School of Biological Science and Technology met with Professor János Tőzsér, Rector of SZIU, Dr. Henrietta Nagy, Vice-Dean for International Relations at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and Dr. Zsuzsanna Tarr, Head of the International Office. Following Rector Tőzsér’s welcome note President Lin gave an overview of MNU. During the meeting the parties discussed the conditions of an interinstitutional cooperation. Additionally, they examined the possibilities for developing a future joint Master’s programme and agreed that the institutions’ international teams will be responsible for working out the details of the project.
The city of Zhangzhou is located in Fujian Province, Southeast China on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. Minnan Normal University, a national university supported by the provincial government, is one of the universities that received permission from the National Education Ministry to recruit students from overseas. The university currently consists of 21 departments or schools and has a total enrolment of 20 000 and 1 248 faculty members. MNU – committed to internationalisation – warmly welcomes foreign students for long-term and short-term programmes as well. Furthermore, the university offers courses on Chinese language and culture to international students.