Chinese Minister of Agriculture visits SZIU

Invited by the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development, Minister Han Changfu and his delegation paid a visit to Szent István University on 4th June 2014. The delegation was accompanied by Minister of State Dr. Endre Kardeván and received by Dr. János Tőzsér Rector of Szent István University.  Dr. Péter Póti Vice-Rector for General Affairs of SZIU, Dr. Tamás Tóth Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs of SZIU, Dr. István Szabó  Director for International Relations and Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Csaba Gyuricza Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dr. Henrietta Nagy Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and Dr. Zsuzsanna Tarr Head of International Relations Office attended the meeting.
Minister Han Changfu said that Szent István University was recommended to him as an integrated, agricultural-based higher education institution.
First, Dr. István Szabó introduced the institution, pointing out that today as many as 1414 foreign students take part in full-time or part-time education at SZIU while this number was 753 seven years ago. The university has 438 international agreements: the connections with the Member States of the European Union are the most intensive, however, the university also participates in the Science Without Borders programme for Brazilian students, and in Erasmus Mundus programmes, which focus on receiving students from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific regions, together with partner institutions from the EU, and in addition, there are students from Central Asia studying at the university. Dr. István Szabó continued with presenting the Chinese relations of the university: one of its partners is Renmin University, which Minister Han Changfu used to attend, and an other significant one is the Inner Mongolian Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences, which operates a common technology transfer office with SZIU.
Secondly, Dr. János Tőzsér gave a presentation on Animal Husbandry degree courses and research at SZIU. As for animal husbandry programmes, 40-70 students are involved in the bachelor’s programme, 10-11 in the master’s programme and 4-7 in the doctoral programme.  Then he gave an outline of the diversified  research areas of The Institute of Animal Science and Animal Husbandry, he mentioned functional  sheep and goat milk production, meat production, testing the toughness of bovine hoof horn (as a cause of lameness), and  ethological research such as the connection between cattle temperament and milk/meat performance. At last, he briefly introduced some research topics of the Department of Aquaculture Management, for example the artificial reproduction of eel and new shelf- life optimizing packaging methods for fish meat products.
China looks forward to cooperate with Hungary in developing animal husbandry. The Chinese per capita meat consumption is almost the same as the Hungarian, but while pork consumption is 27 kilograms out of the total 62 kilograms in Hungary, it is 50 kilograms out of the total 60 kilograms in China.  Thus China wants to increase the proportion of cattle and sheep breeding, Minister Han Changfu said. 
Finally, Minister Han Changfu invited Dr. János Tőzsér Rector of SZIU to China.