Brazilian Ambassador in Gödöllő

On December 15, 2012 Sergio Eduardo Moreira Lima, the Brazilian Ambassador to Hungary, visited our university on the invitation of our rector. This was his Excellency’s third visit to our institution; his last visit took place as a member of a delegation addressing animal husbandry and food supply chain with Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Jorge Alberto Mendes Ribeiro Filho. The reason of the most recent visit was to sign a teaching and research cooperation agreement with Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agripecuaria - EMBRAPA). On behalf of EMBRAPA, SZIE alumnus and former colleague Dr. Beata Madari attended the ceremony.
The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Brazil in May 2012 to sign an agreement regarding the Brazilian government scholarship program, under which the Hungarian higher education institutions are to be involved in the Brazilian government's "Ciencia sem Fronteras" (Science without Borders) program. In this context, the Brazilian government is funding 100.000 Brazilian students to spend an academic year abroad in the next five years. The agreement with EMBRAPA is an important milestone on the way of ensuring our university's active part in the Science Without Borders Program (