Ambassador of Kuwait delivers a lecture at SZIU

On 2 March 2017, H.E. Dr. Hamad Mohammad Hassan Burhamah, Ambassador of Kuwait delivered a lecture at Szent István University, titled “Water Resources in the Middle-East, Questions of Hydro-Politics and International Law“. 

The presentation began with a short video on naturally occurring water, then His Excellency focused on different aspects of international water courses, such as the definition of it and the 1997 UN Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses. He mentioned several questions related to the region’s water resources. He described the legal and hydropolitical point of view of riparian countries in the Middle East, namely countries along the Jordan, the Nile, the Tigris and the Euphrates. Then the problem of water shortage in the region that requires both technical and economic solution was detailed. Some techniques can decrease water consumption while other increase water supply. He highlighted the remarkable role of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and Arab Fund in financing and improving water sector and the possible Hungarian contribution to solve global water problems. At the end of the lecture the audience made up of about 60 Hungarian and internation students could ask their questions.

H.E. Dr. Hamad Mohammad Hassan Burhamah completed his bachelor’s degree at Kuwait University and master’s degree at Algeria University. He defended his PhD thesis on water conflict in the Middle East at the University of Hull. Prior to starting his mission in Hungary in 2013, he represented Kuwait as an ambassador accredited to Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde and Liberia.